Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What a Show!

Well, the curtain is down, the make-up and costumes put away, and it's back to school for the cast and crew of this weekend's knockout show, The Wizard of Oz.

All three performances were packed, and the cast impressed everyone with their professionalism, confidence and of course, talent! From the opening notes, to the emotional ending the audience were enthralled, and the critics were wowed...

A message from the team: 

A production like this relies on the help and support of many individuals over a number of months. Some have given up a few hours and others have given their time over a number of days or weeks. The list is too long for us to name everyone but we would particularly like to say ‘Thank-You’ to …

Tracy Coton, Lucy McMullan, Christine Carpenter and Staff in the School Office, Nigel Hall and Dave Oram, Amanda Anderson, Kathryn McMullan (photographs), M’liss Wickham, Mala Mistry and PSA Committee members, Steve Halsey. Michaela Ramnauth, Linda Anstee and all parents/carers who have given up their time to help, Eric Miller Flooring (Tolwoth)

For more photos and information about the show, please click on the Wizard of Oz tab above. If you have any photos or want to contribute a review or any comments, then we'd love to have them. Either leave a comment below, or email us here.

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